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1. Untangling Lights is an hFACTOR-pioneered community outreach program within Lagos Island aimed at using art to create intentional relationships and build supportive communities. 2. FRAT is a biennial festival of arts and culture that invites creative minds from diverse fields to co-curate in order to take down boundaries between art forms. It's aim is to develop a strong platform that fosters experimentation and advanced initiatives in contemporary art. 3. 26 Moloney is our first under-utilised space conversion- a revival of a mid-century flat and rooftop in the heart of Lagos Island at 26 Moloney Street. Designed using sustainable materials to be open and welcoming, the space has become a focal point for creative exchange in the community. 4. Workshops in partnership with the 16/16 residency program. We will be conducting workshops with this program's visiting artists, in addition to our regular schedule of interactive workshops. 5. 2019 Programs

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