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Untangling Lights is our community outreach program and the heart and soul of all we do at hFACTOR. Through this program, we aim to empower underprivileged youth and women in the community to use creativity to build value for themselves and their society at large. For instance, with the Streetlights Collective, we are building a new generation of musical talent, who create musical content to share locally and globally and earn sustainable income in the process. The Streetlights Collective currently put on monthly jam sessions to discover new talent in various areas of music. These talents then go on to be mentored. Streetlights is also now working with Bamba of black stereo to design a community music studio where they can record and distribute music to earn money.
Also within the Untangling Lights portfolio is our recycling initiative, which aims to take underutilized resources and use them to generate value. So far, our focus under the recycling initiative have been on fashion and on the environment. In fashion, we have setup a used clothing drive to curate a mix of old, vintage clothes to resell. This work empowers women in our community, who are responsible for selecting and selling the pieces and invites them to engage in the contemporary conversation on urban waste and reuse culture. Under our environmental initiative, our first project is designing a plastic recycling ecosystem for the Lagos Island community using the Precious Plastic open source model that deploys collection, processing and production facilities to micro-sites within a community.
To deliver on each of these projects, here’s what we need:
Streetlights jam sessions
Technical support: speakers, amplifier, mics and mentors
Financial support: N1.5 million
Streetlights music studio
Technical support: iMac, sound interface, pop filter, mic stand, mic: SE electronic SE 2300, mic reflection screen black, Logic Xpress software, cables & power strips, hard drives (x2), KRK Rokit 6 active monitor speakers, Universal Audio Twinfinity Mic Pre Amp, Audio Technica headphones, Mackie HM 4 headphone amp, Native Instruments Midi keyboard, Native Instruments Maschine Studio, Isolation Panels, 19 inch Pro Rack Case 8H, Furman Power Conditioner, Dap Audio 1U Fan Airconditioner
Financial support: N1 million
Recycled fashion
Financial support: N350,000
Plastic recycling
Technical support: Mentorship from plastic manufacturers and recyclers
Financial support: N500,000
Creative workshops
We conduct monthly workshops led by artists, creatives and business people in our networks to empower people in our communities to build skills that add value to their lives and those of others. Our goal with the workshop is a creative exchange that generates value from the participants varied context. What this means is that facilitators share their processes with participants, while participants share their own unique challenges and together they combine ideas to build new products and innovate processes. This year we have conducted workshops with international artists, Paul Beumer of the Netherlands on fabric dyeing, Ranti Bam of Nigeria and the UK on clay making and Bamba Al Mansur on creating interesting stories through DJing. For the rest of the year we will conduct pasta making with, Benedict, Italian chef, soap making with Adesuwa Isokpan founder of Hesed soap lines, and art selling with Victoria Cooke of Gallery 1957. Our goal ultimately is to build a community of participants and facilitators that are using materials and skills from within their contexts to create products that transform and add value to people’s lives.
Financial support: N500,000
26 Moloney Space
The 26 Moloney space is a creative hub where people come to exchange ideas, network and collaborate on various business and art related projects that contribute to productivity in the community and the larger creative culture around Nigeria.
Financial support: N2.5 million
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