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It is always beautiful to see how a single material can have multiple lives. In a way, it is the material's deep potential to allow for multiple languages to be spoken through it.


Perhaps the language of materials is the most flexible one, allowing for new forms to be created from older structures?

The pieces hanging above the dinner display started off as corn and fibre in the forest until they met each other in the hands of Seetal Solanki. As a materials designer, her choice of these two fibres together was to serve the purpose of insulation at a private members club called opoo, located at 30 Ajasa Street.

The ceiling was dotted with thousands of these all in the name of both organic aesthetic and deep functionality. 

When the club project fell through, these jute and corn pieces remained tucked away in an archive until Bubu Ogisi reimagined them today, not as insulation, but as art.


By giving them new life via the primary process used in the exhibition- dyeing-, we see the marvellous way in which function turns to form, but also how a single material can be used in the syntax of two very different languages. 

We invite you to think about the numerous ways you might use the materials in this exhibition. Each cloth, each husk is not solely for your consumption, rather it is for your use and any use you can think of for that matter.


Enjoy dreaming in new material languages! 

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