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Our idea of the digital is foregrounded on our very unique experience of the natural world. We attempt to make decodable, through a series of two dimensional words and numbers, the infinite scale and conceptions of the universe. We attempt to calculate its magnanimity via a highly logical but deeply ironic assumption.

Digital coding as we know it today is a reflection of the way the universe processes matter and the way we process life. It begs a very real human desire to understand, record and pass on both the wonders and depravities of being. In essence, we are natural but we conceive the digital to represent the natural.

The work of our hands and minds, an unexplainable magic, is reduced to binary code to satisfy the cravings of humans hoping to seek solace in the idealism of shared experience. As we cling to our experience of life, we also create life. We manipulate it, we poke and prod in an attempt to reach beauty. We arrive at madness instead.


For this exhibition, and for French Connexion's Novembre Numerique, we took the brief to be digital very seriously. So seriously that we have decided to return back to the natural "code" of life- the scripts and symbols that have been originally used to decode and disseminate life amongst humans. By bringing these symbols into digital form (check out the other QR codes scattered around the exhibition hall), we are bringing the past into the very digital present, and in so doing, bringing back into existence ancient language systems that have been forgotten. 

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