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Viva La Pasta

A Pasta-Making Workshop with

Chef Benedict

May 05, 2019



"The Chinese invented it, the Italians perfected it." 

Italians have an incredible bond with pasta, the pasta and pasta sauce you identify with is a way of letting people know what region and area you come from.

Attendees of this workshop will glean knowledge of how to make fresh pasta, in addition to going deeper into understanding what pasta sauces go with what pastas. The workshop will also take a regional approach to learning pasta sauces: focusing in separate modules, on north-south differences. 

Come join us at Hfactor as we explore the ins and outs of pasta, both handmade and dried.


Price: NGN 30,000

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Hannah Osunsina
Zenith Bank

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The sessions will feature:

1. An in-depth introduction to Italian pasta regions and the types of sauces that are historic to those regions. 

2. Techniques for making both fresh and dried pasta.  

3. Participants will then proceed to make their own pasta dishes and enjoy these and other delectables created by Chef Benedict himself. 

4. All attendees will enjoy a meal in and around a pasta installation, which we will create that day. Come and enjoy a practical conversation on and around Italian food and culture.   

We are offering 2 sponsored spots for those who can exhibit:

1.) Sufficient financial need. 

2.) That their practice would strongly benefit from attending the workshop.

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